Monday, December 5, 2011

How Profitable Is A Frozen Yogurt Store?

Ever wonder so many frozen yogurt shops are opening up everywhere? It's a simple and profitable business! The initial investment for opening a frozen yogurt shop is normally recovered by the end of the first year in business. Below I explain how profitable a frozen yogurt shop can be.

Yogurt Store Example:

Selling Cost:
Based on Average Selling Price Of Yogurt Per Oz: $0.49 Oz.
16 Oz. x $0.49 Oz. = $7.84
Total Selling Price = $7.84

Cost of Product:
12 Oz. Yogurt x $0.08 Oz. = $0.96
4 Oz. Toppings x $0.22 Oz. = $0.88
Cost of Paper Cup, Spoon, and Napkin = $0.13
Total Cost = $1.97

Total Profit: $5.87

$5.87/ Cup x 75 Customers/ Per Day = $440.25/ Profit Per Day

$440.25/ Profit Per Day x 7 Days/ Per Week = $3081.75/ Profit Per Week

$3081.75/ Profit Per Week x 4 Weeks/ Per Month = $12,324/ Profit Per Month

$12,324.00/ Profit Per Month x 12 Months/ Per Year = $147,888.00/ Profit Per Year

Total Profit Per Year = $147,888.00/ Profit Per Year!

*Just for the record most stores serve about 100-150 cups of yogurt daily...

Having the right suppliers is key to running a successful business!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

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